What You don’t Know about Luke Bryan’s Marriage

What You don’t Know about Luke Bryan’s Marriage

Luke Bryan has had his wife Caroline by his side for as long as the country music mega-star has been in the public eye. The college sweethearts walk the red carpet hand-in-hand, co-star in Bryan’s music videos on occasion and coordinate their Halloween costumes, Christmas-themed sweaters and PJs. Oh, to be in love (and loaded). If you can’t get enough of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan, these facts about their marriage are for you.

Caroline likes ordering Bryan raunchy birthday cakes

Birthdays in the Bryan household can get a little crude. The country singer told Taste of Country’s radio show that his wife “gets really, really creative with birthday cakes…. Half the time they’re not anything I can post.” Just how creative are we talking? For Bryan’s 40th birthday, Caroline ordered a Guinness chocolate cake that had an image of Bryan popping out of it, only his face was photoshopped onto a shirtless chippendales dancer.

But that was nothing compared to the vulgar toilet cake Caroline ordered for Bryan’s 39th birthday. “Right away [Caroline] told me they have a really hilarious sense of humor,” Jenna Siebert, co-owner of The Sweet Divine in St. Louis, told Feast, “and she said, ‘I’m kinda thinking of a cake that has poop in it that saysyou’re getting old.'” And those are just the cakes that have been made public.

Bryan doesn’t think couple’s time apart was a bad thing

Bryan and Caroline began Meeting frequently after they met at a bar called Dingus Magee’s in Statesboro, Georgia when they were students at Georgia Southern University (see, some celebs meet their significant other in bars, too). They dated on-and-off for two and a half years before going their separate ways for a lengthy five-and-a-half years. The reason for the break-up?

Bryan told the Huffington Post that Caroline “was three years younger than me in college. I was about done with school when we met. So I kinda went off and did my thing in Nashville and she finished up her college experience and it kinda allowed us to both go get our feet a little firmer on the ground.” They eventually reconnected when Bryan performed at a bar in Statesboro, and they tied the knot in 2006.

Caroline doesn’t share Bryan’s passion for hunting and fishing

In Bryan’s song “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” he sings about his love for — you guessed it — hunting, fishing, and the significant other who occasionally joins him on his outdoors adventures. But if you think that means Caroline is a hunting enthusiast, you would be incorrect. “I’m an outdoors person, but I’m not a hunter,” she told the now-defunct Country Weekly (via Nash Country Daily).

She isn’t too big on taxidermy either. Interior designer Chad James told Nashville Lifestyles that Caroline didn’t want him including any hunting trophies when decorating the couple’s home, though she eventually came around on a few subtle ideas.

Lucky for Bryan, he’s been able to pass on his love of hunting and fishing to his sons and the nephew he’s raising. Caroline posted video of son Bo hunting on Instagram (or at least trying to) with the caption “Took Bo hunting this evening… had little idea what I was doing…. Evidently I am loud and annoying.”

Younger son Tate wasn’t exactly thrilled with his mom either when they went hunting on a separate trip. “I did it again,” Caroline wrote on Instagram. “Another kid at me during a hunting trip. Poor Tate wanted me to paint his face for hunting…. He didn’t realize I put a cat nose and whiskers on him until we took a selfie…. He wouldn’t talk or look at me for a few hours.”

Bryan recorded a song for Caroline but didn’t write it

Much was made about Bryan’s song “To the Moon and Back,” which he dedicated to his wife. He told Entertainment Tonight that he had butterflies the first time he played it for Caroline because “this was my attempt at, through song, telling her how much she means to me.” Hillary Lindsey, Tony Lane and Tom Douglas are the songwriters behind the ballad.

Bryan hasn’t taken credit for writing it — he has only said he had Caroline in mind when he recorded the song. “The second I heard it I told myself, ‘Well, this is a really manly, masculine way to tell your wife and tell people you love them,'” Bryan told.

Bryan is by no means a marriage guru

Because he’s been married for over a decade and has outlasted other high-profile country music relationships, Bryan is constantly fielding questions about the keys to a successful marriage. But as Bryan himself has admitted, he doesn’t have all the answers.

“My problem is when you’re all up in the argument, I should just hang up,” Bryan said in an interview with San Diego’s 103.7 KSON. “But I keep wanting to make it better and that makes it worse. My producer Jeff Stevens… was in my truck with me one day and me and Caroline were all up in the middle of one of those stupid arguments that you get into and Jeff was in the passenger seat going ‘Hang up. Just hang up. You’re an idiot.'”

Bryan was apparently just as oblivious about pal Jason Aldean’s first marriage blunders. After Aldean was photographed cheating on his wife with “American Idol” alum Brittany Kerr in 2012, Bryan told Phoenix’s 102.5 KNIX “I think Jason handled it the best way he could, apologizing, and I think it’s pretty clear that it was a situation much more than any other type of situation.” As has been well-documented, Aldean got divorced the next year, and married to Kerr in 2015.